I am a Colorado native. I started my photography journey my sophomore year of high school after being selected to the yearbook committee. Using a Kodak Point and Shoot digital camera, I learned the ins and outs (literally) of shooting movement photos...finding out really quickly that it is ALL about timing! My junior year of high school, I began to take things more seriously and upgraded to my first legitimate camera. The Canon Rebel T3i secured my love for photography. It went everywhere with me from family gatherings to sporting events, you name it! If there needed to be a camera, I was there with it around my neck ready to shoot! I was always trying to master different shots. 

Following high school, photography hit the back burner for me for a little while. Life happened, but I always seemed to fall back to it, even if it was just while on a personal hike or taking pictures of my wife or car. However, the flame has been reignited for me and I have begun enjoying learning the fine details of the craft. It seems nowadays everyone has access to top of the line equipment, even with their phones, but where the good photographers set themselves apart is their innate ability to frame a photo and capture the perfect shot. I am striving to master that ability and would love if you would come along this journey with me. 


Sony A7ii

Tamron 28-75 f2.8

Tamron 75-180 f2.8

Peak Design Everyday Carry backpack